Fashionable Owls


Top-Zara; Skirt-Urban Outfitters; Shoes-Vans; Necklaces-Target; Hat-Rice University


Everyone has a passion. Some people even have multiples, but only a few are lucky enough to combine those passions into one lifestyle. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to be one of those few. My passions involve fashion(the skirt favors my vintage-y boho tendencies), writing(wisdom is a trait of Owls), and soccer(I’m committed to Rice University to play soccer and the mascot is the Owl). What better way to represent all three but in this picture? And not to mention the fact that I adore Vans that don’t resemble the typical style (I love that surprised look people get when I reveal that they are indeed Vans). I believe the way to truly unveil our passions are by combining them, because then they serve to emphasize and elevate each other! For example: after a grueling day of sprints and wearing the exact same sweaty t-shirt as everyone else at soccer practice, I love knowing that I’ll get to go back home and spend an hour or so putting an outfit together (admit it, we all spend forever picking out our clothes!). The fact that soccer even inspires some of my outfits is just a plus! It creates a whole new level of appreciation for each of my passions because they’re so different and seemingly contradictory, but together they become unique. I only pray that everyone else finds their unique blend of passions as well. XOXO


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