Fetch a Fedora

ImageWhile everyone is buzzing around preparing for the upcoming school year, I’ve taken a different approach…One that involves plopping down on the sand and soaking in the last rays of summer sun. Remember the saying “You won’t know what you have until it’s gone.”, well I definitely figured it out the hard way when it comes to the beautiful Florida sun. Last year I blew off going to the beach for lazy days indoors, but no more! I’m prepared to make every sunny beach day last until I’m thrown into my Senior year at IMG Academy (pretty much consisting of the three S’s–school, soccer, and socializing, although unfortunately there isn’t much of that last one…) Want to know what life is like for a fashionista in a world ruled by cut-throat academics (international private school does that to ya) and  competitive sports? Well stay tuned as I attempt to not only survive, but show the world just how an inconformista does it… XOXO


As for the fedora…

Pretty much everyone hates the feeling of gooey oily sunscreen on their face, so here’s my solution…Grab a fedora and Presto! You have instant shade cover! Fortunately, you can find them anywhere from cute little boutiques to places like Zara, Nordstrom, and Urban! Don’t wait too long, summer is coming to an end so take advantage!

Want to find one? Links below, or check out my Pinterest!









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