Metaphorical Fashionologies-Blazer

Blazer-$40 Zara

Imagine your favorite zoo you used to visit as a kid—the smell of wild animals assaulting your nostrils the second you step through the gate; hearing the chorus of screeching, cawing, hisses, barks, even the oohs and the ahhs; feeling your heart flutter with excitement at the mere thought of seeing so many of your favorite animals all gathered in one place. Now imagine that zoo without any cages. Utter chaos right? Cages aren’t only for the sake of the people but for the animals as well! They provide structure, as well as comfort and safety. Within the structure of the cages reins flexibility–the animals are free to do as they please, while also remaining the star of the show! On the other hand without the cages…it would be an overwhelming sight to say the least. Which just goes to show that the cages and animals are in harmonious balance–much like the blazer above.

The structure of the blazer allows the flexibility of the blue/pink pattern and frills to pop without creating chaos. If it were a free flowing blouse, the pattern and bright color would overtake ones eye and the balance would be destroyed. Yet, within the structured quality of the blazer, the colored pattern is reigned in and becomes harmoniously pleasing to the eye. Next time you visit a zoo, maybe you’ll witness the harmonious balance yourself! XOXO


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