The Boho-vibe is calling

ImageHeadband and top-Zara


Fashion isn’t the only thing I hold close to my heart. Growing up in a Mexican-Catholic household tends to rub off on you… Hence, the rosary I hang from my rear-view mirror in my adorable aqua Mini-Coop. It seems that the rosary also inspired a classically vintage look through the lace top and jeweled headband. It just goes to show that inspiration can literally come from anywhere! The wilder the inspiration, the better. XOXO


As for the headband…

Even though summer nears an end, that doesn’t mean that the vintage-boho vibe has to! Wear your hair down for a laid back appeal, or pin it up in a messy bun for a night out. Try out places like Urban, Free People, and the link below to get yours! You can never go wrong with headbands… just be careful they aren’t too tight or else you’ll need to pack some Advil in that matching purse of yours… XOXO

Boho headbands below, and a few of my favorites on my Pinterest!

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