Minty Fresh


Blouse-Love Stitch; Skirt-Zara; Necklace-Target; Heels-BCBG

Who hasn’t been obsessed with this fresh mint color at some point this summer? As you can see, I even incorporated it into pieces throughout my room (I personally can’t get enough of it). And just like a piece of spearmint gum, wearing this color refreshes any outfit and leaves a minty-fresh feel! Topped with a light floral blouse, it becomes the epitome of my laid back, refreshing summer. I want to be able to carry some of that much needed freshness into my upcoming senior year! Newly bloomed flowers are a symbol for new beginnings–I wish to start the school year with refreshing clarity as well as new bloomed strength to make the best of it. What characteristics do you wish to carry into your new school year? Comment below and share your thoughts! XOXO

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