Uniform Madness


Top: IMG Academy Polo; Blazer: Target; Bottoms: PAC Sun; Shoes: MIA

Just as the school year takes over summer’s reign, so does my uniform by replacing my summer style. For many students, uniforms have become binds that restrict our fashionable creativity, but lucky for us–there are always loopholes… This school year I plan on exploiting those loopholes and breaking free from the drab sea of boring uniforms! Any uniform can become fashionable with the right touches (whether it be a blazer, crazy pants, versatile/cute accessories, or a pair of jaw dropping shoes)! This is for all of you uniform clad students (and anyone else who wants to spice up a school day outfit)!
Ill be posting a picture of my uniform everyday to hopefully help give you ideas for your own uniform (or for any outfit)! Please feel free to comment/email me if you have any specific questions/ideas/concerns! For example, if you have a strict uniform policy and have no clue how to get around it and still make it fashionably cute, then I’m your gal! XOXO

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