Dressed in Memories


Top: IMG Polo; Blazer: Fresh Boutique; Shorts: J Crew; Shoes: Sperry’s; Jewelry: Target

What better way to show off the Floridian life style than these shorts? The bright blue stripes and cute little lobsters are the epitome of the fun, laid back oceanic vibe I always get when I visit the beach. The salmon colored blazer and pearl accessories just add to the beachy theme! When I wear this outfit, its almost as if I can feel the soft sand crunch between my toes, the salty breeze blowing my hair back, and the bright blue ocean surface sparkling like jewels in the sun. Now I get to carry that vibe with me wherever I go! Even if you don’t live near the beach (or have unfortunately never gotten the chance to visit one…which you definitely should!) it’s still fun to add patterns and pops of color that not only look unique, but actually represent something! Yes, it’s always nice to look cute, but when there’s significant meaning behind an outfit, that is when you feel the best wearing it. Especially since it reminds you of the memories associated with each piece! Please feel free to share your own memory-induced outfits or pieces! XOXO


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