Floral Snow






Top: IMG Polo; Blazer: Dillard’s; Shorts: Dillard’s; Shoes: Vans; Necklace: Target
Bracelet: TJ Max; Earrings: Target

Purely white and silky soft the petals floated around me like new fallen snow. Snow isn’t just frozen precipitation, it’s that feeling of joy and pure happiness from seeing those little flakes tumble down from the sky for the first time. Anything can have the essence of snow. Since it never snows in Florida, I created my own. There’s a kind of joy and excitement that develops from being wrapped in tiny white flakes as they fall around you. In this case, the flower petals are my snow.

Instead of bundling up and bracing ourselves for the cold weather to come, us Floridians are soaking in the last warm rays of sweet sun. We don’t have snow but we have flowers and sun! This outfit reflects the fleeting sunny days. Bright pops of color shine in the sun and helps anyone stand out! Even with fall approaching, bright colors can fall into trend! XOXO

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