Glamorously Dramatic






Dress: Fresh Boutique; Vest: Fresh Boutique; Jewelry: Fresh Boutique

Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean we have to bundle up and head inside. For those nights where you feel the need to go out…go out in style! Glamorously dramatic–nothing else describes this outfit better than those two words. The bold print and sparkling sequins enhance the look. Boldness always equates to confidence, which is perfect for a night out! Animal prints have always been a popular trend, especially among celebrities. By mixing it with the fur, it creates that fun and bold, yet elegant glamour. The most unique outfits always consist of a mix of styles. In this case I mixed glamour with edge to heighten the drama of it. The jewelry helped provide edgy accents, and balanced out the fun sequins. Balance is key when it comes to fashion!
To be honest, you can always find the best pieces at boutiques. In this case, I found the fur vest and sequined dress, as well as the edgy jewelry, at Fresh boutique in Sarasota, Florida. I always know I’ll be able to stand out in their clothes. I highly recommend checking out their website for the most popular trends, not to mention unique pieces!
Want style on the higher edge of fashion? Then check out this unique boutique! The link is below! Or check them out on Facebook!

18 thoughts on “Glamorously Dramatic

  1. You are looking extra fabulous in this outfit!! I love it! I generally shy away from vests because I really don’t know how to wear them, but I see you rocking them and I think I need to forgo my fear and do it!

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