Embrace Your Inner Nerd





Top: Levi’s; Suspenders: Zara; Shorts: Levi’s; Socks: Target; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Bow tie: H&M
In honor of spirit week, nerd day was the theme! Just because it’s nerd day, doesn’t mean the outfit can’t still be fashionable! Now, this outfit is more of a vintage-hipster version that helps me remain unique among the sea of other nerds! The colors create a more vintage vibe, while the ruffled top and fun patterned shorts add a touch of signature hipster. Of course, no nerdy outfit is complete without suspenders and glasses! These suspenders are more vintage than geek but they add to the unique, vintage-nerdy look. Personally, my favorite touch is the sparkled pearl bow tie! It just completes the look!
Pieces of this outfit would even look great without the excuse of “nerd day”! So go out and dare to embrace your inner nerd. XOXO

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