Refreshing Salvation




*Outfit from Fresh Boutique (link is at bottom!)
Now the best thing about Florida is the fact that even when fall comes around, the sunshine is still warm and the sea-salt breeze is pleasant and refreshing. Those fleeting summer days are basically what this outfit represents. The top’s pattern creates movement, much like the crashing waves at the beach. The flowy blue pants flutter in the breeze, while the floppy hat falls perfectly over her face, revealing those piercing, ocean-blue eyes. I believe that the while the clothes often reflect the person wearing them, the person often reflects the clothes. In this case, her tanned skin, glowing blonde hair and piercing blue eyes closely reflect the peace and majestic power of the ocean on the beach. The hat looked great for her face shape and seemed to frame her eyes! There’s a special relationship between clothes and the wearer–they both seem to reflect and enhance the other.
This outfit is all about movement. One piece flows into the other like a gentle breeze. Don’t you just love when a breeze blows by and offers refreshing salvation? That’s what this outfit represents–refreshing salvation. Just because fall approaches doesn’t mean we have to totally let go of the bright and lively hues, or the relaxed and flowing look! Hold onto those moments of refreshing salvation, better yet, embrace them.
Every piece of this outfit (aside from the shoes) is from Fresh Salon in Sarasota, Florida! It couldn’t be more fitting for its area. Sarasota itself is a mix of decadent arts and a laid-back beach lifestyle. Fresh has a great variety of clothing that encompasses the decadent mix as well high fashion! Check out the link below if you’re interested, they have a great website!

Fresh Salon:
Or find then on Facebook @

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