Outfit: Fresh Boutique

This outfit is one of empowerment. The bold color blocking and leather skirt create a powerful vibe. Color blocking is a huge trend that is all about the bold and risky. Therefore, it’s perfect for an outfit based on empowerment. Often, the outfits we wear dictates how we feel in them. In this case, I feel confident and strong. The back of the top is one of my favorite touches. The intricate back continues to enhance the strength with its bold, boxed cut outs. There’s nothing better than wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident. Everyone needs that go-to outfit that makes them feel strong and empowered the second they slip it on!
Finding such unique pieces can be a struggle, but I always manage to find something at Fresh Boutique in Sarasota, Florida. Their variety of clothes provides unique pieces to suit anyone’s taste! Please check out the link below if you want to see for yourself! XOXO

Fresh Salon: http://www.freshsalonsarasota.com
Or find then on Facebook @


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