Bold Edge




Outfit: Fresh Boutique
As fashionistas, sometimes we have to experiment a little right? We have that keen sight for pairing the unexpected to create a unique outfit. It takes a little imagination and creativity to pull certain pieces together to create the intended vibe. I really wanted to add an edgy-flair to this outfit that would set it apart from any other. By mixing textures and patterns, a quirky-edge developed. The bright cobalt blue peplum floral top popped against the white and black silk dress. Leather has been a rising trend this fall. The leather sleeves add drama and pull the structure of the outfit together. I personally love the silhouette of this outfit. The contrast between the top that flairs out and the silk dress under is perfectly unique. That’s my kind of outfit–unique. Sometimes, a unique outfit is one of those outfits that you have to stare at for a little bit before you can figure it out. That’s the best kind. It means people have to actually look deeper into what you’re wearing instead of just the first glance. Fashion is bold–embrace it. XOXO

Wish to be bold and unique? Interested in the outfit? Find it at Fresh Salon!
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