Vintage Details




Jacket and Pants: Fresh Boutique; Shoes: Vans; Necklace: Loft; Bracelet: Mexico

There are a couple things essential to a vintage outfit–lace, pearls and a floral print. Put them all together and this is what you get!
Personally, I love the chilly weather (it gives me an excuse to bundle up!) Plus, I’m that type of person that goes out of her way to step on the crunchy dead leaves that have fallen! The only thing I don’t like about Fall is the fact that all the colors are shades of brown dead leaves. That’s what inspired me to wear bright colors that contrast the constant brown that I’m surrounded by. The bright/retro floral pastels will pop against the falling leaves and autumn colors! Even when most of the flowers are sheltering themselves in the chilly weather, I’m basically carrying them with me by wearing these pants!
The little details are what make an outfit so unique. In this case, the ornate gold buttons on the jacket and lace fringe are what heighten the elegant/vintage factor. Many people often overlook the details, not only in fashion but in life. It’s important to not only look at the bigger picture, but squint at the intricate details hidden in it. Those are what make the bigger picture so important. They emphasize the meaning behind it! So I encourage you to search for those little details and smile when you find them. XOXO

12 thoughts on “Vintage Details

  1. Totally agree with you on the “beauty in the details” bit…amazing what a difference those little details can make, uh? I am obsessing over the floral pants and that jacket….great mix!


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