From Twain to Now






*Outfit: Shore boutique
Since the days of Mark Twain, skirts have been high-fashion trend setters. In Twain’s “Corne-Pone Opinions,” the hoop skirt was the biggest trend–every woman had to have one!
Now, dramatic statements can be made through unique skirts; this is such a skirt. There’s a sophisticated boldness held in the pattern and structure of the skirt that differentiates it from most. I especially love the way the skirt can be rotated to reveal different patterns for multiple looks! As for the top, it’s structured design and gold-geometric embellishments reflect the boldness of the skirt. It also provides a touch of edge that perfectly contrasts the fur vest. The fur vest has a rich, deep purple and black, which helps provide the elegance of the outfit (not to mention it’s great for fall). With each piece being so bold, this outfit can definitely become a fashion statement. One that would reflect the bold and exotic, the elegant and powerful, the unique and beautiful.
You could only find such an outfit at Shore in Sarasota, Florida. Nestled in St. Armand’s circle (an area filled with boutiques and restaurants), Shore is definitely among the most popular. They carry unique fashion brands that often reflect the surfing vibe, yet (as you can see) can be viewed as high fashion. I never have difficulties finding something unique, and often enough, the difficulty lies in not wanting to take home the whole store! This is one boutique I definitely recommend checking out (you can even do some online shopping with the holidays coming up)!
You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website!


Instagram: Theshorebrand



13 thoughts on “From Twain to Now

  1. your skirts are amazing and that statement necklace is bloody awesome!
    I am a swedish fashion blogger based in london. would be awesome if you could check out my blogg 🙂

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