Top and shorts: Urban Outfitters; Bag: Shore*
Graffiti–it’s raw, creative, edgy, and bold. It’s an expression of opinion. It’s a bold statement. It’s a form of art when done the right way. Graffiti is viewed as a big no-no, yet it attracts the attention of anyone that passes by. The funny thing is, fashion contains these attributes as well. Mixing the two together…well, that’s just rare. Fashion requires you to be inventive, unique and creative to attract attention. Sometimes, it takes trying out a few fashion “no-no’s” to think outside of the box and set yourself apart.
With this outfit, I wanted a simplistic-edge that would contrast the bold colors of the graffiti. The black top has leather shoulders that are a popular trend this year. Likewise, the high waisted shorts are trendy and embellished with metal to add to the edgy vibe. Considering the fall breeze can chill anyone to the bone, tights were added. The pattern on the sides set them apart then any other normal tights!
Now the clutch on the other hand provides that pop of color and ties in with the graffiti. The cobalt blue is even more electric when paired with the sleek black and white. It also allows the outfit to stand out from any ordinary black and white one. This unique bag can be found at Shore in Sarasota, Florida! If you’re ever in need of a pop of color, this bag is the perfect addition! Just like the graffiti, this bag catches anyone’s eye. The best kind of fashion can do just that–catch the eye. XOXO
Please feel free to check out Shore for some eye-catching fashion!
You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website!


Instagram: Theshorebrand


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9 thoughts on “Eye-Catcher

  1. Love the graffiti backdrop- it looks, as does your outfit. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, you are the queen of putting together unexpected pieces! I love that clutch with the pop of color! xo

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