Baffling Mysteries







Outfit: Fresh*
Over-sized and clunky sometimes works perfectly in your favor. For fall, these types of outfits are a must. This eccentric jacket is incredibly versatile and can work as a dress because of it’s over-sized quality (there’s nothing better than a multifunctional wardrobe I’d say!) The quirkiness of the jacket perfectly reflects the mural in the background. Now, the dress on the other hand pulls similar elements but also contains this pure simplicity that helps contrast the jacket. There’s almost a sort of innocence held in the color of the dress that pulls the outfit together. The cutouts in the dress add a touch of mystery, similar to the vibe you get from the mural, that contradicts this innocence.
There’s something baffling about the mural because of how eccentric and quirky it is. I almost can’t get over the strange beauty of the mural by Pixel Pancho. It’s different so it requires you to almost stare at it for a little while to try to figure it out. No matter how long I stare, I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it. I’ve had a few ideas spark in my mind about what the robotic creatures represent for society today, but I would love to know what you think! If you have any ideas or meditations about the mural and what it represents, please feel free to share!
Also, if you would like to know where I got this quirky outfit please check out Fresh!
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