Cloud Nine





Sweater: Zara; Pants: Zara; Scarf: Modcloth; Boots: Steve Madden

There’s something about this scarf that makes me giddy with joy. The beautiful blue-green color integrated with specks of gold makes me want to shout with joy, while the bubbly knitting makes me want to laugh with delight! Plus, it’s an infinity scarf that wraps around without any end–it’s a never ending source of fascination for me. My hair reflects my giddiness because it is what I’d like to call my “unicorn bun.” As I walk around my combat boots I can usually feel my bun bounce with each step!
Any time I wear combat boots I automatically feel more in touch with my independent, resilient side–as if I could face anything and come out on top. There’s a toughness to them that makes me feel confident.
Meanwhile, the gold-infused creme sweater and multicolored pants pair perfectly for a fall-inspired look. The sparkles of gold on the sweater also attributed to my vibrant state of mind. The outfit as a whole made me feel like I was on cloud nine with giddiness (although I’m pretty sure the bun induced this).
There’s an outfit out there for everyone that makes us feel giddy with joy like this one does for me! The only difficulty is finding that outfit, so I urge you to look (to the ends of the earth if you have to!) for your joy-inducing outfit. XOXO

25 thoughts on “Cloud Nine

  1. This is a gorgeous post, I love the idea of a joy inducing outfit! I can see why this outfit makes you so happy, I love your trousers a lot and your bun is the cutest! xx

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