Bright Leaves, Small Town






Jacket: Urban Outfitters; Sweater: Fresh Boutique; Tights: Urban Outfitters; High socks: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Steve Madden; Beanie: Urban Outfitters

Ever heard of bright lights, big city? Well here’s my twist–bright leaves, small town.
Coming back to my small childhood hometown, I was mesmerized by the colors of fall, especially the red leaves. In Florida, everything is it’s basic green self. Here in Texas, fall has taken reign.
I wanted to reflect my fascination with the leaves around me by wearing the maroon tights. I also love wearing high socks over the tights to give the look more details and layers. The soft jacket and sweater are fitting for the chill of the approaching winter. Regardless of the lack of snow, the creamy white sweater serves as a fitting substitute. Contrast the soft and fuzzy with some weathered combat boots and you’ve got the essence of nature.
Like the maroon tights, the bright leaves are unique. They stand out among the winter-chilled trees and fight against the brown around them.
Isn’t that similar to what an inconformista does? We fight against conformity to express our unique creativity displayed through fashion. Conformity is a strange paradoxical phenomenon in itself because eventually, we are all subjected to it at one time or another. Whether we admit it or not, we eventually conform. That’s something that Twain had proven when he wrote, “Corne-Pone Opinions.” The secret that makes fashion our passion is the fact that we become intrigued with conformity–always looking for ways to escape it’s grasp. Hence, our obsession with trendsetting. That’s our only escape. Once we begin following trends, we are right back in the cycle of conformity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s a part of life–as natural as the bright red leaves. The fun part is finding the loopholes of conformity–being able to escape it momentarily and set ourselves apart. That uniqueness allows us to march to the beat of our own drum, if only for a moment. XOXO

24 thoughts on “Bright Leaves, Small Town

  1. You have really beautiful photos. And yes, I totally agree with you on the bit about “conformity”. Keep this spirit up! 🙂


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