You Do You, Lulu

You Do You:

What have you gotten yourself into?

That same thought has been using your brain as a punching bag—incessantly beating at it, knocking it back and forth. The fact that you thought a class that combines pilates, yoga, and ballet would be “easy-peasy” just shows how naïve you were.

So here you are. Hands molded to the ballet bar in front of you, legs bent to an impossible degree, constantly “tucking” your hips to “engage your core.” Trying to hide the fact that your legs are shaking as if there were an earthquake under you (although at this point you wish the ground would just open up and swallow you). Trying to ignore the sweat that’s rolling into your eyes, especially since you’re too preoccupied to wipe it away (meaning if you even think about letting go of the bar right now you’ll collapse). Really… you’re just trying to survive at this point.

You look up at the mirror. You see that your hair has escaped your headband and created a not-so-angelic halo effect. You can’t help but laugh inside.

This is the moment you live for. The shaking, the sweat, the chaotic hair—it’s the change. The change that you, only you, can dictate. You can either go through the motions and try to keep your makeup perfect and your hair in place or you can squat lower, blow the hair out of your eyes, and embrace the shakes. Your choice.







Hi everyone!

Any workout enthusiast can admit to having that one workout where they felt something similar to this moment. It’s all worth it though—not only do you get a rush of satisfaction after surviving the workout, but you also get to rock the cute leggings.

Believe it or not, this jumpsuit is from Lululemon (hence my workout inspired story). Crazy, right? Lulu’s been stepping out of their athletic-wear comfort zone and started producing a line for (possibly the comfiest) day and night wear. There’s an edgy-vibe to the floral print and sheer v-cut. I wanted to play that up with the booties and lace cardigan.

If you don’t already own a jumpsuit, I highly suggest you find one because they’re just plain awesome. You can find them in unique patterns, like the one featured, or go for a more simple style with solid colors. Either way, you can find one to fit your style. Not only do they evoke some killer confidence and look super trendy, but they’re also incredibly comfortable (think silky onesie pajamas that you can wear in public).

Stay unique.

Thanks for reading,


Featured outfit:

Lululemon Jumpsuit

Francesca’s Cardigan

Zara Booties

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