Uncharted Water

Uncharted Waters by Miranda Proctor

Navigating your heart

Is like navigating a foreign country.

Words escape local mouths and

Travel waves of uncharted, opaque water

Stuck under the surface, pounding the distorted glass—

Neither sight nor sound clear.

On land, you become the wide-eyed

Fish out of water.

Asking for directions turns both parties

Into incessant bobble-heads—

Fingers Pointing





You take a step back

Stumbling over broken cobblestones—

The ones you thought

You had left behind.

It is only in that moment,

When you realize you can never leave the past behind

That you are ready to

Lose yourself in those foreign streets.

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Hey Everyone!

Similar to the poem itself, I went into writing it with no clue of what direction I was heading in. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve felt a little lost–maybe you’re trying to figure out your future career, perhaps you just came out of a long relationship, or possibly you’re just a little lost in finding yourself. Regardless of which kind of lost you are, lost is lost. Personally, I feel like a part of me will always be searching for something. And although I’m not quite sure what that something is, I do know it’s what keeps me inspired to explore and discover as much of the world, and my role in it, as I can.

In the past, instead of allowing myself to be found, I tried to force the discovery. But that never leads anywhere. Trust me. The best discoveries are the ones you don’t expect to find–the ones that manage to surprise you when all else has dulled your senses.

As terrible as this example may seem, I know all of you fashionistas can relate:

I went shopping the other day with my best friend with the intention of buying birthday gifts for a couple of friends. Obviously, those intentions went awry. We stepped into Urban Outfitters to get a record for my friend and, being the shopaholic I am, decided I would take a quick peak at the Sale section. I immediately saw this dusty blue dress (featured) and fell in love with it (plus it was on sale so how much better can it get?) The point is, I hadn’t gone in with the intention of shopping for myself or finding anything, but I discovered a pleasant surprise.

Although that’s not the kind of “let yourself be found” example I was really going for, I had to tie in the outfit somehow!

Anyways, don’t go out and try to find your life–let life discover you.

Stay Unique.

Thanks for reading,

Miranda Proctor

Photographs by: Ryan Cox

Featured Outfit:

Urban Outfitters dress, belt and sandals

17 thoughts on “Uncharted Water

  1. I can totally relate with you that when I buy something for someone I end up buying for me instead. Haha. 😀 Anyway, when I saw your pic in FB I just can’t sop to comment, “So Beautiful'” Then I headed to your blog. Again and as always, BEAUTIFUL. from your poem to your outfit and you of course. I seriously love your dress. I feel envious, hehe! 😀 😛 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    ♥ Gly from

  2. What a lovely post – beautiful photos (you look absolutely stunning and that pale baby blue color looks fabulous on you!) and what a lovely poem. I think all of us who travel can relate to those words so much. And yes, Urban is so dangerous – I always go in there with the intention of looking and always end up walking out with a shopping bag, haha.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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