Beacon of Light







Outfit: Shore*

These pants bring me back to my Mexican roots. They remind me of the days when I would roam the markets in Guadalajara, looking at all the different hand-made jewelry, bags, and clothing with colorful patterns. I used to be mesmerized by all the patterns that surrounded me. The pattern on these pants are similar to the ones I would find in the markets. They are traditional Mexican patterns that represent vibrant life. Just wearing these pants gives me a rush of renewed energy and vibrancy!
The multitude of colors in the pattern are like a beacon of light among all the drab brown colors of fall leaves! When you have such a bold pattern like the one on these pants, it’s better to balance it out by being simple on top. Paired with a rich emerald green jacket and striped blouse, it leaves room for the pants to do the talking! Initially, the pants are the eye-catchers, but once they catch your eye, you notice the beautiful rich green of the jacket and the cool way it’s structured. Next, most people would notice the sleek striped blouse tucked in underneath, just barely peeking through. The simplicity of the top balances out the pants and emphasizes the chic-sleek vibe. Fashion is like a work of art. Everything must work together in harmony, which is why this vibe was necessary!
Luckily, I was able to find this outfit at Shore in Sarasota, Florida! I’ve never found pants as unique and stylish as these, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I definitely recommend checking them out! If you’re more on the simplistic/sleek side, the top and jacket are perfect to represent their variety in clothing. At Shore, you can style any way that suits your preference! XOXO

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website!


Instagram: Theshorebrand


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